Teaching Philosophy by Subject

Units of Inquiry

One of the things I love about the Primary Years Programme is the emphasis on transdisciplinary learning.  Read about transdisciplinary units by clicking on these links:

Grade 2 forces unit

Systems unit in KG

EC unit on relationships

EC unit on the arts


I believe in teaching literacy as a stand-alone subject as well as through the units of inquiry and through daily routines.  I love the Columbia University Teachers College writing workshop model.  In early childhood, I use interactive read-alouds, class-created books, journals, and phonics and phonemic awareness activities to help students develop foundational skills in early literacy.

This PDF has some amazing pre-literacy activities for EC: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/190599/Letters_and_Sounds_-_DFES-00281-2007.pdf

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I love integrating mathematics with the units of inquiry, with literacy, and in authentic daily experiences.  I also enjoy teaching math as a stand-alone subject, especially using manipulatives and problem solving.  Thinking about strategies is one of the things I love about teaching math to elementary school students.  My favorite professional resource for mathematics is “Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics” by John Van de Walle.

A site with a lot of great math resources is: http://www.inquirers-forever.com/math/number

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When I plan tech integration activities I want to be sure that students are learning about technology authentically, just as I strive to make the learning authentic in all subject areas.

Technology is such a great communication tool in the early years.  Every day I post at least one photo on our class blog (not this blog, but a class-specific blog) so that if children forget what they did at school, parents at least have a conversation starter.  This is also a way to support ELLs who would benefit from discussing a learning experience in their mother tongue at home.