About me

Miss Marker: Reflective PYP kindergarten teacher.  Originally from the U.S., I am currently teaching in Uzbekistan.

My philosophy: 1. Let students’ ideas and interests guide the learning; 2. Make school fun and exciting through project-based learning; 3. Make sure that the “projects” (big or small) are centred around student agency & reflection.

Educational Background: Masters in Education, George Mason University; Teaching certification in elementary education and ESL. Learning support certificate from George Mason University’s Fast Train program

Previous teaching experience:

3 years at International Community School in Ethiopia – teaching preschool through grade 2

7 years at Pechersk School International in Ukraine – teaching first grade

2 years teaching English as a Peace Corps Volunteer and 2 years teaching adult EAL in the U.S.

Professional Development:

PYP Workshops: Literacy, Mathematics and Symbolic Learning in the Early Years, Role of Mathematics in the PYP, Language in the PYP, Assessment in the PYP, Teaching and Learning in the PYP

Literacy: Teacher’s College Columbia University Summer Institute on the Teaching of Reading (grade 1, grade 2), Teacher’s College Columbia University Summer Institute on the Teaching of Writing (grades K, 1, and 2)

Technology: Online course – Digital technologies and early childhood (Bank Street, USA)

Other PD: Cultures of Thinking Seminar, Reggio Emilia Institute, Learning 2.0, Yoga for Classrooms

Outside of Work:

Most of the time I am supporting my three small children on their mission to collect every rock, acorn and stick in this city.  I love watching documentaries.  My other hobbies are learning Russian, lifting weights, drinking coffee, and trying out the local beauty salons.