English Vocabulary Lessons: School Supplies


This year one of my teaching team’s goals is to support language development more.  The school year has just begun and I am trying to support my emergent EAL students through some small-group lessons.  My aim is for them to become more confident finding and asking for things in the classroom this is a vocabulary lesson on school supplies.

What we did

This was a 4-part lesson in which the students learned some school supply words, practiced the words, found the objects in the classroom, and then played a game.

Download the lesson here: EAL_beginner_words

The following day’s lesson was to reinforce the vocabulary and add some new words & sentence structures:

Day 2 is here: EAL_beginner_words_day 2


The students were engaged throughout the lesson.  They have not yet started to use the words on their own but I do notice more independence when finding supplies in the room and putting things away. I hope that in the next few days the students will begin to feel comfortable asking for things when needed.  I can’t wait to work more with these students!

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