Kindergarten Self-Portraits


I wanted the students to learn about using the art supplies in the classroom while creating a display that would celebrate our “kindergarten family”.

What we did:
This was an easy art project but involved multiple steps.

  1. We learned about drawing lightly with a pencil and pressing down hard with a pencil.  Then, drawing lightly, the students outlined their heads, necks, and shoulders.  They added eyes and a mouth.
  2. We learned about using smocks, thick and thin brushes, and mixing paints as the students created skin color.  I gave them peach, brown, yellow, pink, white, and tan paint.  The students then painted the skin on their portraits.  They used thick brushes for this.
  3. The students painted the shirts on their portraits.  Again, they used thick brushes.
  4. We discussed how we need to let one color dry before adding another on top of it.  We let the paintings dry.  Then students then used thin brushes to paint their eyes, mouths, and hair.  Once again, we let the paint dry.
  5. We discussed Sharpies–that these are special markers for certain projects.  Students shared strategies for keeping track of marker lids. The students then outlined their features on the portraits.
  6. Students shared what they know about scissors safety.  They then cut out their portraits.  The paper was thick so I helped when needed.
  7. I held each child’s portrait up against a few different colors of construction paper.  The child chose the color that they felt made their portrait “pop”.  I poured that color paint for the child.
  8. I distributed thick paper, about 30 cm square in size.  The students painted the thick paper.  Once it was dry we used liquid glue to put the portrait on top of the background paper.

The students were so excited when they saw how amazing their finished portraits look.  This project was fun to do and looks great.  The students demonstrated a mature understanding of the different art supplies in the room.

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