Reading Strategy Lesson: Using Context Cues

I wanted the students to use picture cues and context to figure out unknown words.

What we did:

My students were very into ninjas so I created a book about one.  I blocked out 1 word on each page with a pretend coffee stain.

Download the book here: Ms V – The Ant and the Ninja

I showed my student the book and told them how disappointed I was about the coffee stain.  They agreed to read it anyway.  I projected the book using an iPad as a document camera.  The students read the book together, sharing ideas about all of the unknown words.

At the end of the reading, the students shared their ideas about how people can figure out unknown words.  I then asked them whether those strategies could help them read other texts.  The students said yes, and tried out the strategies with their reading partners.

The students grasped the idea that pictures and context can help us figure out unknown words.  The kids were so engaged by the story.

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