Early Childhood Holiday Craft


In December I’m always looking for crafts that involve more than just paper and crayons but don’t involve me running all around trying to find supplies! Last year my nephew’s class made picture frames with pasta painted gold. The craft looked great on the mantle! I tried to recreate that but our gold paint smelled horribly and didn’t really work. So I changed the craft a bit and it looks great! EC teachers, try it…you won’t regret it!

What we did:

1. Not long ago, as part of our unit on the arts, each child designed their own photo portrait using dress-up clothes and props from the classroom. I printed these photos (but any photo of each child would have worked). Then I cut picture frame shapes out of heavy paper to use with these photos.

2. I put newspaper down on the desks and red, green, and gray paint. The kids painted their picture frames. We let them dry for a day.

3. I put all the red frames on one table, all the green frames on another table, and all the gray frames on a third table. Then I put red collage materials on the table with the green frames, green collage materials on the table with the red frames, and white and silver collage materials on the table with the gray frames.

I asked the students to arrange collage materials on their frames. Once they had arranged the materials, I gave them glue.

(I would offer different colors of paint & collage materials depending on which winter holidays the children in the class celebrate.)

(Collage materials = bottle caps, little pompoms, craft feathers, old keys, bits of foil, buttons, etc.)

4. When everything was dry we glued the photos in the frames and added a layer of cardboard on the back for sturdiness.


Wow! This is such a great craft!

frame1 frame2 frame3

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