A fun way to practice initial sounds


I’m always looking for new, fun ways to practice initial sounds, rhyme, etc.  I wanted to find a fun way for the students to sort.

What we did:


I had 3 empty tissue boxes that I made into monsters.  I only spent about 3 minutes making the monsters.  Then I printed 1 picture for each child, beginning with one of the target sounds.

Students had to “feed” the correct monster.  This type of whole-group activity could easily become really boring for the audience. This is how I made it successful:

  1. I showed the students how they should make sure the class sees their picture before they feed the monster.
  2. I told the class that when they are in the “audience”, they can give a “clue” by making the initial sound.
  3. I called the students up quickly so there was no lag between kids’ turns.  When the students came up to the monsters, they took the card that was on top of the pile I was holding (taking the card on top makes it faster than if kids get to choose between cards!).  Sometimes with the kids in the back, I called 2 or 3 up at a time to keep things moving.
  4. Sometimes if there was a lull I made it fun by saying things like, “Whoa you are feeding the monsters, thank you! I don’t want hungry monsters!” or “I’m glad you’re putting the right words in the right monster’s mouth so the monster doesn’t throw up!”


The students seemed to enjoy “feeding” the monsters. I will keep the monsters out for students to use with partners during their literacy choice time.

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